Philly Rapper Tone Trump Explains Upcoming Mixtape "The New Fresh Prince"

(AllHipHop News) Philly Rapper Tone Trump recently spoke about his upcoming mixtape, The New Fresh Prince.

Tone Trump's latest offering, which the rapper says is more of an album than a mixtape, will feature a variety of producers.

He named the project "The New Fresh Prince" as a tribute to legendary Philadelphia rapper Will Smith, in addition to other reasons.

"He's from West Philly, I'm from West Philly and alot of times he gets alot of hate," Tone Trump told "People hate on Will ..people hate on me ! I think Will is living proof dreams come true and I'm living my dream right now. He use to walk the same streets as me and now hes almost a billionaire, friends with the president ..all things I see in my future."

While many rappers claim the title of "King," Tone Trump is content taking the title "prince."

"Everyone wants to be king of the world and king of they city ..king of they hood," Tone Trump told "To me prince sounds flyer. I'm the prince, someone else is the king. There are alot of kings in Philly and I pay homage to all of them."

"The New Fresh Prince" will be available for download on March 1.

Check out's Mikey T. The Movie Star's exclusive Interview with Tone Trump below: