Photographer Ernie Paniccioli Says Kool Moe Dee's "A Disgrace"

While Kool Moe is preparing to release his book, "There's A God on The Mic," pioneering hip-hop photographer Ernie Paniccioli may be filing a lawsuit against the rapper, for not paying for images used in the book."Moe Dee called me two or three times a day to get images for his book," Paniccioli told "As soon as he, or rather his publisher received the images, all communications ended. He has not returned even one call since the images were sent."Paniccioli said that he and Moe Dee signed a contract, agreeing to a "fair price" on 45 never before seen photo's of various rapper for the book, which rates the 50 greatest rappers of all time. Moe Dee placed himself at number 5."He promised to pay me half on July 15th and the rest on September 30th. If this was as simple as me not getting paid, it would simply be just another photographer being jerked, but this is the case of one old school pioneer lying and stealing from another."Paniccioli said Moe Dee recently agreed to have payment in by November 1st, but the date came and went.As a result, Paniccioli called Moe Dee a disgrace to hip-hop and the legacy of the pioneers of the genre.Paniccioli said that he would not endorse or publicize the book due to the behavior of Moe Dee, who is scheduled to do a book signing today at the Virgin Megastore at 45th Street and Broadway in New York."Since this is Hip-Hop History Month, perhaps this may be noted as another first. Let me promise this, just as LL ended Moe's rap career with superior skills and longevity, I pledge to end his writing career by outing him as a liar and a thief."In October of 2002, Pannicioli published his book "Who Shot Ya, Three Decades of Hip-Hop Photography."