Pics of Nelly And Ashanti In Anguilla Circulate

Intimate pictures of Nelly and Ashanti have begun doing steady

rounds on the World Wide Web even though the pair has generally denied that

they are romantically involved.

The company that takes credit for the pictures is Insight News

and Features and it's a celebrity stock photography agency based in New York

and London.

"The pictures were taken on January 5, 2005 on an Island

called Anguilla," said Accounts Manager Gerald Jean-Pierre to

"They were on vacation. They noticed the photographer after a while, because

one of the pics shows Nelly looking directly into the camera."

In the exclusives flicks, the pair are seeing strolling the

beach and canoodling.

Jean-Pierre said they pride themselves on their ability to get

exclusive photos of the stars.

"We're the company that got Jay-Z and Beyonce on the same

island," he said.

Insight News and Features may have shattered the veil of privacy

that Nelly and Ashanti have attempted to have.

Ashanti told, "Me and Nelly [are] just cool,

we [are] just friends."

Also denying that they are a couple, Nelly was more forthcoming,

seeming to forecast that pictures would come out eventually.

"We've been out before, of course. I mean, people seen

us, so we're not gonna lie [and say] we haven't been out and then [people say]

"well, here's the picture.' [Laughs] No, it's not like that, but again,

she's single and I'm single," Nelly said in a previous interview.