Piers Morgan Asks Rappers To Ditch The "N Word"

Kershaw St. Jawnson

Piers Morgan believes rap stars are contributing to the spread of racism by using the "n word" in their rhymes.

(AllHipHop News) Piers Morgan has called on rappers stop saying the “n-word” in their songs.

Particularly when one considers how white people love singing along with rap songs by artists like Kanye West, it feels unreasonable to expect them simply say nothing when the racial epitaph is said in their jam.

Morgan was on Good Morning Britain when he made the comments. The context was around whether or not white people should use the “n-word.”

He said, “No white person should use it but if they are singing along to a Kanye West song at a party I can see that is problematic.”

“The best way” he continued to say, “[is] to stop it happening is for them not to put it in the songs," Piers Morgan argued.

Piers noted that white people are often confused as to why they use the epitaph if Black people are allowed to use the slur.

"If Black people are using it then some people think 'why can't I’ … Wouldn't it be better if rap stars did stop peppering all their songs with the ‘n-word?’"

While Piers seems to be an ally, there are still things that he could learn about even the suggestion of shifting culture, so that white folk won’t be tempted to say the word.

But Ta-Nehisi Coates has a very succinct way that he has laid it out.

Tim Wise says that as a white man, he can think of no context where he can ever audiblize the n-word. In his mind, the difference is history and context.

History and context are very important in understanding why whites should not say the word. 

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I am a white person and I don't love singing along to rappers. Most intelligent, decent people over the age of say thirty (black, white, any race/ethnicity) would never use the "N" word because it's ignorant and it debases people.


Piers, here's a NEWSFLASH: Rappers are not rapping to you!!!! The songs that they are making are not for you. Never has a rapper in the history of rapping sat down to write a song thinking how an old white dude would feel about it. Piers wants the word to magically disappear but the treatment of black people like "niggers" to remain. How convenient.