Pimp C’s Wife Chinara Butler Says New Ewing Sneakers & Unreleased Records Coming

AllHipHop Staff

Some new projects from Texas rap legend Pimp C are on the way.

By Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) Pimp C fans are in luck. According to his wife Chinara Butler, some new projects are on the horizon to celebrate the UGK member's legacy.

During a recent interview, Butler discussed her late husband and his legacy.

According to Chinara talked about the new Pimp C sneaker being designed by Ewing Athletics.

"The end of the year they'll be coming out, those are really dope. Add some pimpin' to your feet," Chinara Butler said.

When asked if fans can expect another Pimp C album, Chinara revealed some more news.

“Actually, we’re talking about repackaging the Long Live The Pimp, she responded. “And adding a new remix and possibly a new unreleased song on it. This is his 10-year anniversary, so we want to go out real big.”

Long Live the Pimp was released in 2015, eight years after Pimp C passed away from a preexisting sleep condition, after ingesting prescription cough syrup.

Later in the interview, Chinara also talked about UGK and the possibility of unreleased music coming from the group as well.

"I am not a UGK member. Let’s say that first. But I am a huge UGK fan...I’ve actually talked to Bun’s manager. I got a song ready to go. So that will be up to Bun...that’s totally on him, and whenever he’s ready, we can do it.”