Pimp Juice Goes International

Nelly may not have a hit record on the charts at the moment, but his Pimp Juice energy drink that caused minor outcries in the United States due to the name, is flying off the shelves in other countries.Fillmore Street Brewery, the company behind the drink, reports that the Pimp Juice is selling well in the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Islands and Mexico.According to representatives, Pimp Juice will also be sold in Australia, Japan, China and Israel by the end of next month. The Middle East, the Far East and Europe will also be stocked with the drink by fall of 2004.“Fillmore Street is very excited with our current progress and predicts an even brighter future,” said Fillmore Street’s Co-President, William Wooten. “In less than six months, we have almost locked down national distribution and have started distributing worldwide.”Wooten added that an aggressive marketing campaign for the summer was being planned and that the product would be featured in new music videos, online commercials and college and music tours.“We will be a brand that changes the game,” Wooten said, noting that the drink is currently handled by 60 distributors in the United States, is sold in 32 states with national distribution expected by August.Despite raising eyebrows and being threatened with boycotts when the drink was launched, Nelly’s Pimp Juice sold a million units in the first three months it was on the shelves.Pimp Juice was also awarded the “Peoples’ Choice of Best Energy Drink” in the industry trade magazine BevNet and Vibe Magazine named it the best energy drink.