Pimpin’ Ken Speaks on Ice-T, Payroll Diss; Warns Youth

(AllHipHop News) Pimpin’ Ken has taken less than 48 hours to respond to a viral diss from rival and American Pimp co-star Payroll the Pimp (Lorence Hammond).

In the previous clip, Payroll derided Ken’s merits in the street and music industry, and continued taunting famous rapper Ice-T for his marriage to model Coco.

According to Payroll, he boasted that he had $10,000 which would be used to steal away Coco from her husband.

Ken first defended his friend Ice-T, questioning why a pimp would proudly proclaim his intentions to spend excess money on a woman.

“I've been in pimp game 35 years; I can tell if a n***a has a pimp bone in his body. The n***a saying Ice-T ain't got a pimp bone, is the same n***a telling Ice-T he got $10,000 to trick with,” said an incredulous Ken in an interview with Hood Box Office.

Since his appearance in the Hughes Brother’s documentary American Pimp, Pimpin’ Ken has become a fixture in the Hip-Hop community.

In the last decade, Ken has appeared on tracks with 50 Cent, Too $hort, Pastor Troy, Mack 10, Lil Jon, and the late Pimp C, in addition to writing Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game with author Karen Hunter.

For Ken, the new “pimp game” is the music industry and online media, which he praised Ice-T for thriving in independently.

“Ice-T is a good n***a. We all want to get to the point where we can pimp on another level, were we can pimp these folks for hundreds of millions of dollars,” Ken detailed. “If a motherfucker can get someone on his album and help him sell 100,000 albums at $10, that's a million dollars…the man, whatever he's doing, as long as he's breaking something, is pimping in my eyes.”

Ken also clarified his definition of pimping by issuing a strong warning to those considering an actual career in pimping, which is completely illegal.

“That archaic old style of pimping, talking about having a b***h on the track…jail…that's where you're gonna be, these folks ain't playing.”

At press time, Ice-T has not commented on either video clip.

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