Pink Dolphin Launches Collaborative Clothing Line with Chris Brown's Black Pyramid Brand

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) After a few Summers of celebs rocking their gear and years of building their brand, Pink Dolphin Clothing Company has unveiled their newest line of gear co-branded with R&B singer Chris Brown's Black Pyramid line.

Launching the line in their flagship LA store on Fairfax last week, Chris Brown was in attendance, signed autographs, and spoke to the media about his new efforts to get involved in the fashion world, as well as his friendship with Pink Dolphin founders Nema and Cena.

"Doing this collab with Pink Dolphin seemed like only the right thing to do because we've been friends from the jump," Chris Brown explained.

Chris was one of the earliest supporters of the Pink Dolphin clothing brand as he wore the gear on multiple occasions throughout the Hollywood nightlife scene.

When asked if more collaborative clothing was on the way, Chris said, "You know we family so we always looking to collab and we talk about going back and forth so you never know."

Take a look below at the meet and greet pics, below is the collaborative hoodie.