Pioneering Hip-Hop Group UTFO Working On New Album

Pioneering Hip-Hop

group UTFO has reunited and will release new album next year, according to group


The group, which was formed in 1983, is best known for its classic Hip-Hop record

"Roxanne, Roxanne” a Top 10 R&B hit in 1985.

"We really decided to do this like a week ago," Kangol Kid told

"We had all met up at a benefit and it felt good for all of to be together.

So we decided that if we felt like this, we know our fans would enjoy it."

Although they haven't recorded as a collective in years, each member of UTFO has

still been actively working with new artists producing and molding their sounds.

Kangol Kid and DJ Mixmaster Ice have also done a few shows over

the years to show that although they were not recording, UTFO, which stands

for Untouchable Force Organization was still in effect.

"It was crazy, because when [DJ Mixmaster] Ice and I were together on stage,

the crowd would go crazy just off of us doing our old stuff," Kangol said.

"It was crazy, because even now we still break [dance] and at each show

I still do the helicopter with Ice on my head. Now I just have to make sure

I take my Geritol [laughs].”

The first single "Get Up and Go" hasn't officially

been released yet, but according to Kangol Kid the song will be hitting radio

airwaves soon.

Kangol said the song is heartfelt, as it deals with his wife leaving him to

raise his three sons alone.

"It really is therapy for me," Kangol said. "Too

often, the men get the bad rap, so I felt that it was necessary for me to represent

because there are single men out there raising kids because the mom left."

The group will team with original production team and R&B

legends Full Force.

"We are really happy that they decided to get back and do a reunion,"

Full Force’s Bowlegged Lou told "That's our family

and we will still be there to help put in any way we can."

Full Force is also in the studio with Ashanti laying down tracks

for her Collectibles CD, which is due out in December.

"She is a very talented young lady," Bowlegged Lou said of The Inc.’s

“princess.” “The stuff she has on this album is crazy, I am

plugging this one, because it's definitely going to be a hot one."

None of the projects

had set release dates as of press time.