Pioneering South African Rapper/Actor Shot Dead

A pioneering rap artist and brother of a popular producer in South Africa was shot dead outside of his apartment in Johannesburg last night.

Tiny Motho Silumo launched his music career in 1985 and is recognized as one of the first local artists to rise to prominence in the Hip-Hop scene.

Silumo toured the world with his brother, producer Richard Silumo and reggae singer and cousin Lucky Dube, who were members of a group called The Love Brothers, which was formed in 1982.

Dube was also gunned down in Johannesburg in October of 2007.

Tiny Silumo, also an actor who was recently featured in advertisements for a local fast food chain, was killed on the eve of a Million Man March, which is taking place in Pretoria today.

Police arrested four men aged 31-44, in connection with Silumo’s murder.

Silumo’s death has been described as a great loss to the local music community.

South Africa has been rocked by violence fueled by high unemployment, an influx of immigrants from Zimbabwe and Mozambique and other countries.

Other factors include a lack of running water, racism, the rising price of food and gas and escalating crime.

Over 20,000 people were killed in violence in the South Africa last year, according to CNN.