Pitbull Has An Amazing Goal For Kids In 2019

The rap star has set a serious goal to real for students next year.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Pitbull is making the expansion of his educational endeavors his New Year's resolution, pledging to teach 20,000 students in his schools by the close of 2019.

Pitbull is the co-founder and ambassador for SLAM! (Sports Leadership Arts and Management) charter schools, which has expanded into seven locations since the first campus was founded in 2013 in his native Miami, Florida.

Now he is looking to educate double the number of kids for the year ahead.

"When it comes to education, we have now 10 schools with 10,000 kids in it. So I would say for next year my resolution would be to be up to 20 schools with 20,000 kids in it," Pitbull said.

Pitbull, real name Armando Perez, is proud of his work with SLAM!, which serves low-income students with free tuition and boasts a 95% graduation rate, and he hopes the success of the schools shows others how the arts can help improve society.