Planet Asia Assaulted By Security Guards

Rapper Planet Asia was assaulted by security at

club 1st Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Asia charges that 8 security guards

assaulted him after a performance Sunday, as he tried to re-enter backstage

without his pass.

"It is tragic to recognize that in 2002,

we are still physically living the parallel dramas as Rodney King," Asia

told "It is serious business when you can perform at a club

in 2002 and security that watched you perform can assault you afterward."

Asia alleges racism, noting that the guards that

assaulted him were white. Asia said that one guard called for back up as he

tried to get to the back stage area and the other 7 surrounded him and assaulted


Asia recently

signed with Interscope, but the label has not released his album, titled Life

As It Is, and is on tour with Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Skhoolyard,

People Under The Stairs, Lifesavas, and Bukue One [CaliComm].