‘Platinum’ Star Believes In Show

Last night (April 14), the highly-touted dramatic series ‘Platinum’ made its prime-time debut. The hip-hop drama stars Onyx’s Sticky Fingaz, Jason George and a budding actress – 19-year-old Davetta Sherwood.

‘Platinum’ is a dramatic family saga based on two brothers, Jackson and Grady Ellis (played by Jason George and Sticky Fingaz), who own and manage a record company- Platinum Records. The brothers are blossoming industry moguls who struggled from the harsh streets of New York. When industry problems occur, they both have very interesting and contrasting approaches.

Jackson and Grady are not only protective of their business, they’re also protective and rightfully so, of their very attractive younger sister Jade Ellis (Sherwood).

Sherwood explains her integral role.

“Jade loves to piss off her brothers. She is also very needy for male attention,” Sherwood told AllHipHop.com of her character, who becomes intimate with a white rapper signed to Platinum Records.

A neophyte in her own right, Sherwood said she learned much from Sticky Fingaz, quite a seasoned rapper-turned-actor.

“Sticky Fingers teaches me more than you can imagine,” she said of Sticky, who Sherwood. In the pursuit of authenticity, Sticky was one of the original stars cast and others were hired to compliment his character.

Like a rapper, Sherwood boasts the pending success that she expects ‘Platinum’ to have.

“You will see something that has never been attempted before, a [dramatic] hip-hop back drop show,” she said. “This is the reality of hip-hop we won’t stereotype it or candy coat it. It’s a visuals of life and music—and the music is hot!!”

And, the response for Sherwood has been overwhelmingly hot as well.

AllHipHop.com Ill Community member Wiz said, “Sticky's lil’ sister on the show - I don't how old shortie is but, SHE COULD DEFINITELY GET IT!”