Play Attempts Suicide


a sadder note for the Hip-Hop community, it was brought to ourattention

that pioneering group member, Play, of Kid-n-Play recently attempted

suicide. Apparently he was bitter over a divorce, and the way

his career was going. Best known for his Raps, and his acting,

play is also a fashion designer, and did the groups clothes. His

latest endeavor was on a mixtape for Christian Rap label Grapetree

Records. If you have seen any of the House Party's (minus 3, that

was wack, except for the appearance of TLC...ummmmm), or Class

Act, you know that the brother has acting Skills. Kid-N-Play may

seem corny now, but any of you old heads reading this remember

how bumpin their shit was. It fit with the times. They truly opened

doors for such acts as Puff Daddy, Mase, and Coolio to name a