Play-N-Skillz Shoot Videos With Inertia, Rapper Tum Tum

(AllHipHop News) Last weekend Dallas, Texas producers Play-N-Skillz shot music videos with Inertia, the debut artist on their G4 Muzik label, which is distributed by the popular SRC/Universal imprint.

Inertia’s videos for “Body” featuring Slim of 112 and “Betty Crocker” featuring Tum Tum, were shot in Dallas and included several notable cameos.

On Saturday (January 30), the video for “Body” was shot at the classy PM Lounge in downtown Dallas and featured guest appearances by Slim, model Jessica Rabbit, DJ Krave, DJ ASAP, Fat B of MPR Entertainment, George Lopez of Jin Entertainment, Bay Bay and Martellus Bennett, tight end for the Dallas Cowboys.

The video had 1940s “mobster” and “Goodfellas” feel, with a variety of beautiful women on set. Model Jessica Rabbit was the featured counterpart in the video serving drinks to the G4 crew and having an acting scene in the video with Inertia.

"To work with Play-N-Skillz is hard work but its satisfying and a great feeling to be around greatness like that," Inertia told “Those guys put a lot of heart into their music. Its not manufactured, its not artificial. It’s real, so to be able to work with them it’s an honor and a humbling experience."

Slim, who was on site for the first single “Body”, and who is coming out with an album called Cruise Control this year and is excited to be working with Play-N-Skillz.

“I got a lot of history with G4 and I was one call away. Actually we were in Miami when we did the song and Inertia had the idea,” Slim told “I was like, ‘you know what? I’m feeling this record right here.’ This was a real hot record, so that’s why we’re here in D-Town.”

“As far as the ‘Body’ single goes, I feel we took Dallas Hip-Hop to another level,” Play told “That’s very important for us because the rest of the world only has one feel for what Dallas Hip-Hop is all about. He is our first artist on the deal so we had to give the video that worldwide look, not just that local feel.”

On Sunday the G4 Muzik staff shot the video for “Betty Crocker” which features Dallas rapper Tum Tum.

The video featured appearances by the Definition DJs, DCC, DJ Krave, DJ ASAP in addition to old school cars, 4 wheel bikes and models and an overall more street feel.

“We were only supposed to shoot one video, but the ‘Betty Crocker’ song has been heating up so much that we ended up shooting the video on the second day,” Play revealed. “It’s a record for the streets for the mixtapes, for the club, everyone is going to like that one”

According to Play, he and Skillz are in the process of finishing up work on Inertia’s debut album.