Player's Club: Chingy

Chingy is a busy man these days as he prepares for the release of his fourth studio album Hate It Or Love It (DTP/Def Jam). It’s been nearly a year since he reunited with Disturbing Tha Peace – even if we didn’t hear about it officially until Summer ’07 – and the St. Louis rapper has been on the road non-stop, recording and now promoting.

An avid gamer, Chingy makes it his point to slay friends and associates on the Xbox, especially when he’s traveling. Although he likes a little bit of everything, Chingy does have a few games he plays obsessively. Here are his favorites in no particular order:

Fight Night: Round 3

Chingy: You get to whoop people's a**. One time I was mad about something - I came in my house and turned that game on. I got some stress off my mind by playing that game and whooping that person's a**. I was kind of cool after that. The features on there look more real - I guess it's the new one with De La Hoya on there. I'm used to playing it on Play Station, so it's kind of more complicated on Xbox.

Gears of War

Chingy: It's like a futuristic war game where these four guys are chasing down aliens and shooting them, but it's interesting.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Chingy: I like any Marvel Comics games with Wolverine, Spider Man, The Hulk, Captain America and all that. When I was younger I was into comic books and the cartoons.

Halo 3

Chingy: I love Halo 3. Actually me and [Ludacris] did something for Xbox and Halo 3, so they sent us the system and some games before it came out. It's another weird game with some creatures. I love shooting games.

Believe it or not, I actually like playing snowboarding games [like Amped, SSX or TransWorld]. I just be snowboarding and doing tricks. What do you like better about the Xbox platform versus the Play Station?

Chingy: I haven’t played Play Station 3, I've played Play Station 2. The Xbox is better than Play Station 2 to me because the graphics look more real. The Xbox is better because you can play online anywhere. Have you played the Wii yet?

Chingy: I bought that for my son's birthday, his mother was supposed to come get it from Atlanta, so it's just still in a box sitting in my closet. I've been tempted to open it but I ain’t gonna open it. I bought him this Ninja Turtles [TMNT] game and this Spider Man game, but I play 'em just like he plays 'em.

[Note: After explaining the fun of Wii Sports and Super Mario Galaxy, my bet is that Chingy will open that Wii game asap]