Plies, Big Gates Explain "Goon Affiliated"

Rapper Plies and his brother Big Gates recently explained their motivation behind releasing Plies’ fourth album, Goon Affiliated.

According to Plies, he has always been “goon affiliated” due to his surroundings as a youngster growing up in Fort Meyers, Florida. “My brother was always my brother, but he was also like a father figure,” Plies revealed. “From an athletic standpoint to the street standpoint. I always wanted to pattern myself after him. We had a hell of a mom, but raising to boys, that’s always a complex situation. If I did something I did it with my brother. So during his incarceration I was lost. I feel like those six years don’t exist.”

According to Big Gates, born Ronell Lawrence Levatte, his story is similar to that of a number of young men across the country.

Big Gates was released from prison in April of 2009, after serving almost three years in prison for his role during a shooting at a Lil Boosie performance in Gainesville, Florida.

He recently resumed his duties as CEO of Big Gates Records, which he founded in 1999.

“It’s the same story in every hood, whether its New York, whether its Florida, whether its Georgia,” Big Gates said. “And I think that’s why Plies’ music is what it is. If you never been to the hood, you gonna see it through his music. If you been there you are going to be able to relate. It’s kind of like a horror picture. He attracts people that are not really familiar with the horror, and they accept it and embrace it. He attracts people who live in the Horror, so he covers both areas being him, giving you what he’s been through, what he knows."Plies album Goon Affiliated is due in stores June 8th. Track List

is below:1. Go Live

2. Rob Myself

3. Awesome (Feat. Fella)

4. Bruh Bruh

5. Get My Ni**as Out

6. Flaw

7. Becky

8. Kitty Kitty:

9. Whatever I Say

10. Goonette

11. Good D*ck

12. Model

13. Look Like (Feat. Fabolous & Jeezy)

14. All I Know

15. She Got It Made

16. LEGGO:

17. Chirpin (Feat. Fella)

18. Bricks On Me

19. Medicine (Feat. Keri Hilson)

20. Letter