Plies Gives Money For Students, Inmates

Slip-N-Slide Records’ latest superstar Plies has partnered with his brother/manager Big Gates to create a non-profit organization aiming to promote a “more functional, productive and just community.”Big Gates and Plies Power of Visions will kick off its crusade against the ills faced by their South Florida community, by awarding two $5,000 college scholarships.Named after a song on Plies’ latest album Definition of Real, the “Somebody Loves You” Scholarship Fund 2008 will be presented to one male and one female student, who is the child of an incarcerated parent and exhibit a financial need.“We want to provide those who have been and continue to be affected by the negative impacts of the prison system with a sense of hope, and to let them know that they are not forgotten,” explains Plies. “No matter what adversities one may face in life, one thing remains true – and that is that somebody loves you.”The scholarship will be applied to the 2008-2009 school year, and is open to entering freshmen, as well as continuing students at an accredited college or university.The scholarship fund is just one of the ways in which Power Of Visions, Inc hopes to break the cycle of incarceration, which according to a 2000 Senate report, will land as many as 70% of children of incarcerated parents in the criminal justice system.Big Gates and Plies will attempt to provide the type of “effective intervention strategies” the Senate report suggests can counter those odds by creating educational, and cultural experiences for minority youths in the Tampa and Ft. Myers, Florida areas.The organization’s primary goal of community improvement will be achieved through a variety of other programs as well, including rehabilitative classes, training and workshops.Big Gates and Plies will also provide financial support and legal representation for needy individuals, primarily those already in jail.Plies’ latest philanthropic effort comes as the Ft. Myers-bred artist celebrates yet another career milestone.Definition of Real debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 two weeks ago, with 215,000 units sold, the highest first week sales numbers in Slip-N-Slide’s history.Powered by the popularity of its first single “Bust It Baby, Pt. II” featuring Ne-Yo, the album remains at number five on the charts.