Plies Hit With Slander Lawsuit Over Concert Debacle

Fort Meyers, Florida rapper Plies is the subject of a slander lawsuit filed in Montogemry County Circuit Court yesterday (July 16).

According to the lawsuit, Plies allegedly failed to appear at a concert on July 8 and then made disparaging remarks about the promoter the following day on a local radio station.

The Montogomery Advertiser reports that Patrick Monfiston of P Entertainment Promotions, said that he wired Plies $5,000 as a partial payment for the July 8 concert.

According to Monfiston, Plies was in Florida the day of the show and that Plies' manager, David Gay, falsely implied that the rapper would perform at the concert that evening.

The night of the concert Plies was a no-show and an altercation broke out, causing damage to the local club.

The next day, Plies appeared on Hot 105 claiming that Monfiston didn't pay him. "Too many artists feel they can come in and do us (in Mont­gomery) however they want," Monfiston said. "I'm going to show them they're wrong."

In addition to Plies, his manager David Gay, management company ISA Bomb Entertainment, WZHT Hot-105 and the station's operations manager Michael Long are all named in the lawsuit.