Plies' Hometown Considers Rap Ban

AllHipHop Staff

A councilman in Fort Myers, Florida, the hometown of world famous rapper Plies, is seeking to have Hip-Hop music banned at the Harborside Events Center and other venues downtown.

Councilman Warren Wright will discuss the possibility of barring the Hip-Hop of Hip-Hop shows and performances during a council meeting this Monday (October 5).

Warren argues that the Hip-Hop themed events attract violence to the downtown area, which is being redeveloped.

Fort Myers Councilman Warren Wright

Fort Myers Mayor Randy Henderson

He cited an incident in September, after a concert featuring Plies at the Harborside Event Center, in which a bouncer was stabbed outside of local club.

The idea of banning Hip-Hop music has the support of Mayor Randy Henderson, who admitted to the Fort Myers’ News Press that he was offended by rap music.

"If there’s a legal way to do that, it’s a worthy idea," Henderson stated.