PnB Rock Totals BMW In Wild Street Car Race With A Rolls-Royce

AllHipHop Staff

Philly rapper PnB Rock destroyed his BMW during a drag race in Burbank California.

(AllHipHop News) PnB Rock almost killed himself during an insane drag race that ended with the rapper crashing his car and getting arrested.

The Philly rhymester was pushing his BMW through Burbank, California last weekend when he decided to race a Rolls-Royce Wraith.

The race hit speeds of 100 MPH, but regrettably, PnB Rock last control of his car, smashed into three parked vehicles and then flipped his BMW.

The BMW was destroyed, but thankfully PnB Rock and his female passenger walked away with minor injuries.

According to, PnB Rock was charged with DUI because he had been smoking marijuana just before he wrecked his car.

Take a look at some of the insane pictures: