Police Admit Substance Found In DMX's House Not Drugs

Police that raided the Cave Creek, Arizona home of rapper DMX in search of abused dogs have revealed that the half-pound of "suspected" illegal narcotics found in his home were in fact, not illegal drugs.

According to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, police raided the rapper's home last Friday (August 24), after receiving complaints from his neighbors that a number of dogs were being abused at his home.

Police armed with a search warrant raided DMX's house and found 12 distressed dogs, as well as the burnt carcasses of three other dogs.

During the raid, police seized a small amount of marijuana in his home and disclosed that they also recovered a half-pound package containing a chunky substance found locked in the rapper's bathroom.

Sheriff Arpaio, who is reportedly attempting to have the rapper extradited back to Cave Creek to possibly face animal abuse charges, did not reveal what the substance found in the rapper's bathroom was.

According to DMX's attorney Murray Richman, the rapper, born Earl Simmons, is currently has been on a tour of various cities in Europe and has not been at his residence in over two months.

He said DMX was "devastated" by the raid of his home and claimed the rapper hired a caretaker to care for the dogs, who were allegedly locked in their cages 23 hours and 15 minutes a day, being allowed out only for food and water.

No charges have been filed against DMX.