Police Arrest Rapping Serial Killer In Phoenix, Arizona

AllHipHop Staff

An aspiring rapper is accused of doubling as a serial killer in a series of shootings that rocked Phoenix, Arizona.

(AllHipHop News) Last summer the residence of three towns in Phoenix, Arizona were in fear of their lives constantly, after a serial killer murdered nine people.

According to police in Phoenix, they have collared a suspect, and he happens to be a aspiring rapper.

Police have charged Cleophus Cooksey Jr AKA King Playbola with nine murders in connection to a shooting spree that lasted three weeks in Phoenix, as well as Glendale and Avondale.

"It should appall every one of us in the room that he managed to kill nine people period, let alone in such a short period of three weeks,” said Phoenix Police spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Howard.

Police believe they have the man who killed seven men and two women - including his own mother and stepfather.

All of the victims were shot between November 27 and December 17 of last year.

According to cops, killing was nothing new to Cleophus Cooksey, who had only been free for 18 months, after serving a 16 years sentence for manslaughter.

Cooksey is facing multiple charges, including multiple counts of first-degree murder for the deadly shooting spree.