Police Arrest Third Suspect In Freeky Zeeky Shooting

Police arrested Eric Mingo, 32, today (June 5),

capturing the man suspected of shooting Freaky Zeeky and murdering his friend,

Eric Mangrum.

Police staked out a Tremont Avenue Bronx apartment

building Thursday morning, after receiving a tip that Mingo may have been staying


Police waited for a woman and her 7-year-old

son to leave the building. A detective then gained entry by posing as a maintenance

man seeking to fix a water leak.

Mingo is the third man arrested in connection

to the April 25th shooting of Mangrum and Zeeky.

Mingo was found hiding in a back room and was

arrested without incident. As of press time, he currently being arraigned on

second-degree murder charges.

Last month, Chauncy Dillion and Herndon Williams

were also arrested in connection with the early morning shooting and charged

with second-degree murder.