Police Called In To Control Crowd Outside Tyler, The Creator Show

(AllHipHop News) Boulder police responded to a riot situation that formed as fans lined up for free tickets to Tyler, the Creator's first solo show outside the Fox Theatre last night (March 11th.)

Tickets for the 8 P.M. were offered on a firs-come first serve basis and the line grew unruly around 6 P.M., roughly three hours after the line began to form.

A manager of a nearby Jimmy John's claims he was assaulted by an intoxicated fan, as he attempted to clear a way for customers to enter his establishment.

Despite this isolated incident,Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel claims no one else was assaulted.

In the midst of the crowd unruliness, Tyler attempted to ease the tensions through his Twitter account with an equalizing proposition:

Monday's free show was the first free show Fox Theatre has put out in five years.

"This is the reason we normally don't do free shows," Operational Manager of Fox Theatre Brian Carp said.

The eccentric MC is prepping his 3rd solo album, Wolfto be released on April 2nd. The new season of Odd Future's Loiter Squad sketch comedey show returned this past Sunday (March 10th).

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Check out the video for the first single off Wolf entitled "Domo 23" featuring Odd Future's own Domo Genesis: