Police Claim Rapper DMX Scammed AZ Hospital

Police in Arizona are investigating rapper DMX, after he allegedly checked into a Scottsdale hospital under an assumed name, presumably to avoid paying the hospital bill.

According to Maricopa County Police, the rapper checked into The Mayo Clinic's emergency room under the name Troy Smith and was treated for pneumonia during an eight hour stay.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, is being investigated for theft of services for giving the hospital false information including name and address for billing purposes, although the amount of the bill is not known.

According to The Arizona Republic, DMX used his real birth date when he checked in, while another patient claims the rapper said "someone in the projects" would receive the bill.

Police searched The Mayo Clinic during the May 9 raid of the rapper's Cave Creek home during an investigation into animal cruelty charges.

DMX, 37, was arraigned on four counts of drug possession and seven counts of animal cruelty on May 15.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges.