Police Close To Charging Suspect In JMJ, Stretch Murders, Feds Continue Investigation Into Hip-Hop

(AllHipHop News) An unnamed female witness claims that Ronald Tinard Washington allegedly confessed to his role in the 1995 shooting of Tupac Shakur's associate Randy "Stretch"

Walker and the 2002 shooting of Jam Master Jay at his Hollis, Queens studio.According to the Boston Herald, Washington revealed the information during his armed robbery trial for unrelated crimes.

The 43-year-old career criminal revealed that he expected to be charged as an accessory to murder for his alleged role in both shootings.

He was convicted last week for a string of armed robberies committed during Nov. of 2002, shortly after Jam Master Jay was gunned down and denied being involved in the shooting of Jam Master Jay.

Washington admitted that he was in the studio the same day as Jam Master Jay, to "protect" him from unknown individuals and that Run DMC member was scared for his life.

In 2003, Washington claimed that Jay feared for his life for unknown reasons and that he witnessed Jay with a .45 caliber handgun the day he was murdered.

Sources told AllHipHop.com that Jay pulled the gun on an individual named "Goldie" in the recording studio the night before the shooting, in a dispute over a past debt.

Washington originally told investigators that he saw Karl "Big D." Jordan and his son Karl "Little D." Jordan Jr. enter the studio moments before Jam Master Jay was shot to death.

Little D was later charged with attempted murder, weapons possession and assault charges, after allegedly shooting Jam Master Jay's nephew Boe Skagz in the leg in 2003.

The 1995 Shakur shooting and the shooting of Jam Master Jay are a part of an ongoing federal investigation into violence in the Hip-Hop industry.

A number of rappers are expected to be indicted for their roles in other violent acts in the next few months.

Randy "Stretch" Walker was a producer/rapper who hailed from Queens, New York and was an associate of Tupac Shakur.

Shakur accused Walker, Sean "Diddy" Combs and Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." of helping to orchestrate a 1994 shooting in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan in a robbery attempt.

Walker was gunned down on Nov. 30, 1995, exactly one year after the Quad shooting.