Police Close To Identifying Migos Associates Who Beat Fan On A New York Street

AllHipHop Staff

A fan looking for an autograph didn't get what he originally wanted, but when he asked for a fight, he got that.

(AllHipHop News) Police are one step closer in their attempt to identify the men rolling with Migos who beat down an overzealous fan seeking an autograph from rapper Cardi B.

The man was caught on camera taunting Offset, after Cardi B. refused to sign an autograph for the man after The Met Gala's swanky event on May 7.

"Don't shoot me over no autograph," the man said as the group attempted to get into their SUV.

"Shup up bro, before a n###a beat you out here," Offset can be heard saying, which seemed to encourage the man's taunts.

"I'll take all your money, please beat me up, please brother. Please be a fool. You better invest your money instead of buying jewelry. You're going to go broke one day. Aint gonna last for ever, don't come at me n###a, yall n###as is crazy.


As the man hurled a few more insults towards Offset, three other men hopped out of the SUV, granted the man his wish and kicked his ass on the sidewalk, as shocked fans looked on and taped the confrontation.

According to reports, police who are investigating the theft of Offset's $150,000 chain from his hotel room the morning after the Met Gala, received a list of people who were authorized to access the rap star's room.

The cops cross-checked the names on the list and have allegedly connected men associated with Migos to the brawl on the street.

So far police in New York have not filed any charges against the men, who have yet to be identified since Migos and Cardi B. are allegedly refusing to cooperate with authorities.

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