Police Hunting For Gunmen Who Shot Six People And Killed Rapper Bankroll Gambino

The cops are asking for the public to help solve the murder of a local rapper.

(AllHipHop News) A rising rapper from Philadelphia was shot and killed on the set of his video shoot over the weekend.

Police say Bankroll Gambino, born Ezra Weah, was killed in a targeted shooting in Southwest Philadelphia on Sunday evening (July 29).

The rapper was among 10 other people shooting the video when two gunmen rolled up on Carroll Street and started blasting away.

In total over 12 shots were fired and six people were hit including Bankroll Gambino, who was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene.

Cops believe the gunmen had tried to kill him earlier in the morning after Bankroll Gambino's car was shot up with him inside of it, but he managed to escape death in that incident.

Unfortunately, the rapper was not so lucky when the gunman targeted him a second time, around 8:30 PM.

"All you heard was my aunt scream and when you walked to the door there were three bodies," Chris Griffin told local reporters. "I still feel a little shaken up especially since that is somebody's loved one and it was kids running out the block and you just decided to go and shoot no matter who was there."

Police are looking for suspects and asking anyone with more information to come forward.

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