Police In San Diego Shoot Nick Cannon's Artist, Rapper Ryan Bowers

The details surrounding the budding rapper's shooting are troubling.

(AllHipHop News) Police have finally released the identity of the man they shotshot last week, and tragically it has been revealed the victim was rising rapper Ryan Bowers.

The incident unfolded when police were called to Bowers' home after receiving a 911 call that he had cut his own throat with a knife.

When police arrived they went to the bedroom in the back on the apartment and found Bowers.

Police claim the rapper pulled a knife out of his jacket and raised it towards the officers, who ordered Ryan to back up.

Instead, he allegedly moved forward and that's when Officer Matthew Steinbach fired his weapon once, striking the budding rapper, who is still fighting for his life.

Ryan started off his career on an episode of MTV's series "Made" in the early 2000s, where he was a student pursuing a career with the help of Homeboy Sandman.

The rapper eventually signed with Nick Cannon and went on to work with DJ Premier, Game, Kehanli and others.

Nick Cannon took some time to offer a special tribute to Ryan on his Instagram page. Check it out.

"This honestly hurts my heart to have to post this right now, but I’m just requesting prayers and positive energy for my young guy! @RyanBowersOB has to be one of the most talented and gifted youngsters I’ve ever met but more importantly one of the most resilient and strong spirits I’ve personally witnessed.

He had such a troubled and haunted journey when I first signed him that I wasn’t aware of because he did it all with a smile. One of the nicest and sincere kids you could ever meet. About 5 years ago I created a alternative rap group for him and @Kehlani along with a few other talented young artist called “PWD”. They were all so dope that I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in them. "


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