Police Investigating Alleged Suicide Attempt By Erick Sermon


the rumors that have already been circulating, Paterson

New Jersey police said Tuesday that they are investigating

as to whether or not Erick

Sermon tried to commit suicide. Sermon's

J Record's spokesman Biff Warren told allhiphop.com

that Sermon was involved in a car accident, which broke

the artist's shoulder, jaw and leg. Sermon also sustained

other injuries and was in Saint Joseph's Hospital in

Paterson New Jersey, in the Surgical Intensive Care



to police, they were called by a woman, who reported

an attempted suicide. She said that she left briefly

and returned to find him gone and a window open. The

woman, who was not identified by police, said that she

looked out the window and saw Sermon lying on his back

in the parking lot, bleeding from his head. Sermon was

unable to be interviewed by police because he is being

treated for head and facial injuries.


J Record publicist was not aware of the new information

that the police have released. "As far as we knew

and what was sent to us, he was in a car accident,''

the rep said. Sermon's latest LP, The Sermon

is set to drop on Def Squad/J Records November 30th.