Police Investigating Black Eyed Peas' Rapper will.I.am In Brawl

Police are investigating Black Eyed Peas' leader will.i.am. in connection with a brawl that broke out during an after party in Berlin, Germany.

Authorities suspect the rapper/singer was part of a brawl between one of the group's bodyguards and a security guard, in the VIP area of the 40seconds Club.

According to club manager Torsten Schermall, the fight started after security guards at the club refused to let extra people into an already overcrowded VIP area.

Glasses and bottles were thrown about and a security guard suffered lacerations and cuts during the incident, which allegedly lasted almost 5 minutes.

"A champagne bottle was used, but as far as what the singer did, there are various reports that contradict one another, and it's not yet clear what happened," stated police spokesman Ronny Frank.

Three men, including will.i.am were taken into custody, questioned and released. According to reports, police may charge all three with charges of causing bodily injury and causing serious bodily injury.