Police Lock Up Rapper Lavish D With No Bail After Deadly C-Bo Video Shooting

AllHipHop Staff

Lavish D is behind bars with no bail, even though he was one of the people shot at last week at C-Bo’s video shoot.

(AllHipHop News) Police believe a gang feud could be behind a deadly shooting that claimed the life of one man at a video shoot for Sacramento rapper C-Bo last week.

Police are holding local rapper Lavish D with no bail, for allegedly violating the terms of his probation.

Lavish D was released from jail about two month ago,

Police believe shooters were targeting Lavish D when they shot up C-Bo’s video shoot last Sunday (August 27) at Meadowview Park and killed a 49-year-old man named David Cardena.

Four other people also sustained injuries in the shooting.

Local rappers C-Bo and Mozzy have been engaged in a feud and have been trading insults in songs over the past month.

Mozzy dropped his song “New Era King,” and C-Bo replied in kind with his song “Body 4 Body.”

Prior to his arrest, Lavish D hit up YouTube to deny the shooting had anything to do with C-Bo’s feud with Mozzy.

“Whatever happened, happened, you feel what I’m saying?” Lavish D claimed. “I ain’t have nothing to do with nothing. I didn’t do nothing. All I did was showed up to a video shoot trying to support my rapping partner on some unity s**t.. Wasn’t no diss record being recorded.”

Police have not said how Lavish D violated his probation.

According to the Sacramento Bee, He was on parole for gun violations relating to another gang war in the city in 2014, which was sparked by another rap video featuring the rapper jumping a rival gang member at a local mall.