Police Nab Sean Price Concertgoer Through YouTube


man believed to have committed murder after attending a concert by Boot Camp Click

member Sean Price has surrendered to Canadian police.Reuters

reports that authorities used the popular web site YouTube to help find George

Gallow, a 24-year-old Hamilton resident who is seen in a video posted on the site

arriving at a local nightclub for the November performance, wearing a baseball

cap with the word “Joker" on the front.Gallow,

who turned himself into police last week, is charged with second degree murder

and attempted murder. He

is accused of stabbing 22-year-old Ryan Milner and his friend in a parking lot

after the show. Hamilton

authorities revealed they uploaded the one-minute and 12 second clip from a surveillance

tape onto YouTube and that the video has been viewed more than 30,000 times since

it arrived on the site. "This

is an unfortunate incident with disturbing results, but speaks volumes to the

power of YouTube," Dru Ha told AllHipHop.com. "We've been aggressively

marketing Sean Price's Jesus Price album on YouTube and it seems the police can

use our own marketing tactics to assist with their investigations."The

circumstances surrounding Gallow's capture mark the first time Hamilton police

have used a video Web posting in an investigation, according to Staff Sgt. Jorge

Lasso, who told reporters that he believed, to the best of his knowledge, that

it was also "the first time that law enforcement has ever used it as a direct

investigative tool."YouTube's

popularity among young people prompted police to utilize the site in its efforts.