Police Officer Wins $10 Million Judgment Against Rapper Turk

A police officer

that was injured in a shoot-out with former Hot Boy Tab "Turk" Virgil

has won a $10 million dollar judgment against the rapper.

The judgment stems

from a shoot-out in a Memphis area apartment complex in January 2004. As

SWAT team members raided the apartment seeking a cache of drugs, Deputy Chris

Harris was shot in the jaw, hip arm and calf.


jury convicted Virgil, after ballistics

evidence found gunfire residue on his shorts. The rapper has maintained his

innocence and denied firing a weapon.

In August of 2005,

Virgil was convicted of being a felon with a handgun, a fugitive with a handgun

and a drug addict with a handgun.

Virgil made his

mark as a member of Cash Money Records’ hit group, The Hot Boys. The group

featured fellow New Orleans rappers Juvenile, B.G. and Lil’ Wayne.

Virgil was sentenced

to 12 years in prison for attempted second-degree murder. The rapper was also

sentenced to 10 years for being a felon, drug addict and fugitive in possession

of a firearm. The rapper the sentences consecutively.