Police Pursue Young Dolph’s Alleged Shooters After Judge OK’s Forensic Investigation

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina are hoping a pair of salvaged cell phones will help crack a shooting that disrupted CIAA weekend late last month.

According to cops, houses, businesses, and other cars were hit in the discharge of gunfire, which was supposedly aimed at rapper Young Dolph.

The cops seized a GMC Yukon and a van at the scene, which a judge just approved for forensic searching earlier this week.

Arriving officers also found two other heavily damaged SUVs nearby, in addition to blood splattered around one of the vehicles.

While the cops have declined to affirm if Young Dolph was the intended target, representatives for the rapper confirmed he was in the crosshairs of the gunmen, but his life was spared because he allegedly outfitted his vehicles in $600,000 worth of bulletproof armor.

Many speculate the shooting stemmed from an ongoing feud with fellow Memphis rapper Yo Gotti.

In the weeks leading up to CIAA, Young Dolph dropped a diss record called “Play Wit Yo Bitch” while Yo Gotti replied in kind, with his record “Don’t Beef Wit Me.”

“I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna turn this whole thing. If he apologizes,” the rapper said.

Otherwise, Young Dolph warned Yo Gotti to “stay out of his way.”