Police Release Full Video Of Benzino's Racist Arrest Meltdown!

AllHipHop Staff

Benzino is in hot water after going on a racist tirade while being arrested!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Rapper Benzino has always been a prominent member of the Hip-Hop community.

From delivering rhymes to great magazines, Zino has done it all.

In recent years, Benzino has remained in the spotlight after appearing on VH1’s "Love And Hip Hop." However, he has also made headlines for other reasons.

One was after being shot while attending his mother’s homegoing celebration. Another was for beefing with his friend Stevie J.

Last week, Benzino made headlines once again after being arrested. An arrest that he himself deemed to be unlawful.

Today we have him here in the rumor section for another reason. It’s for his comments about the Asian community during the arrest last month.

While being arrested, Benzino taunted an officer.

“Did you know that your mother is a Gook b$#ch? Your chinese mother’s a Gook B##ch and she loves big black D##k in her mouth.,” said Benzino.

He would continue his tirade by saying “F##got, Midget, they should have killed all you motherf##kers in Vietnam.”

Wow! Harsh words from the Zino man. All of this was captured on camera to make things worse. What do you think about Benzino’s actions?

For the record, he did apologize already.

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he is scared all the eminem fans in jail gonna whoop his retarded as up in that jail. never met such a GANGSTA that was so scared of going to jail


benzino is such a bitch...scared to go to jail he through a fit like a girl. that dude is such a pussy...lol. man..i wish him and eminem were beefing right now...em would eat him alive boy!!!! hahahahahahaa...this racist punk old man. and he calls everyone racist..he is thale real racist


Benzino is foul for his words. We dont like it when folks use the N word on us so this is overboard