Police Seek To Question Cam, No Suspects In Shooting

Police in Washington,

DC have no motives or suspects in the attack on rapper Cam’ron, but they

hope that will change as authorities are seeking to question the rapper about

the shooting.

Cam’ron, born Cam’ron Giles, was shot in the United

States capitol city early in the morning of Oct. 23, as he sat at a traffic

light in his 2006 Lamborghini.

Authorities said they haven’t been able to get in touch

with the chart-topping rapper, who recently appeared on Hot 97 and addressed

the shooting in a rap.

In a police affidavit, more details of the brazen shooting were


Police said Cam was driving with one passenger and was being

tailed by friends in a pink Range Rover.

The rapper pulled in front of a D.C. Protective Services officer,

who was in a marked car at the light as well.

The officer said a male passenger exited a burgundy Ford Expedition

that pulled alongside of the rapper at a red light.

The man open fire at the driver’s side of the Lamborghini

and in a new revelation, fired shots at not only Cam’ron, but also at

his entourage in the pink Range Rover.

The officer gave chase and the SUV crashed, trapping the men

for a time. One of the men shot out the window and both occupants escaped on


Cam’ron drove himself to Howard University Hospital and

was released with minor injuries. No one in the pink Range Rover was reported


Investigators located the owner of the Expedition, who said

he lent the vehicle to associates. Police have still been unsuccessful at learning

the identities of the men in the Expedition.

Police have not ruled out robbery as a motive, because Cam’ron

was wearing over $200,000 worth of jewelry.

Police are also investigating to see if the shooting was a botched,

targeted hit against the rapper’s life.

Two shell casings, a Nextel phone and fingerprints were recovered

from the burgundy Expedition, which police hope will reveal more clues.

Cam’ron was

in town for Howard University’s annual homecoming and to promote his latest

album and movie, Killa Season, which hits stores this month.