Police Seek To Question Coo Coo Cal In Shooting

Police in Madison,

Wisconsin are seeking to question Milwaukee rapper Coo Coo Cal after a shooting

over the weekend left a man wounded.

Authorities said

the victim is recovering and revealing details of the shooting, which was apparently

sparked by a dispute over a dice game.

After a performance

at a local club area club, police believe Coo Coo Cal and his entourage went

to another nightspot and was involved in a high-stakes gambling game known as


Witnesses at the

scene said the victim may have grabbed for a pile of cash too early, resulting

in the melee.

The shooting occurred

just when the owner of the establishment was attempting to remove restrictions

on his license due to past issues.

"It makes

absolutely no sense to remove those restrictions,” Captain Luis Yudice

told Wisctv News 3. “As a matter of fact, we're going to recommend that

those restrictions remain in place and we're going to analyze their security

plan, and we may ask for additional measures (to) be created as well.”

Employees of the

establishment said that patrons were checked for weapons, but the performers

that evening were not.

Coo Coo Cal topped

the rap charts in 2001 with his single “My Projects,” a dedication

to his hometown of Westlawn taken from his major label debut Disturbed.