Police Seek To Question DJ Webstar, Young B. As Witnesses To Shooting

Police are seeking

to question the duo behind the hit single "Chicken Noodle Soup" after

a shooting at a Halloween party in Harlem on Friday (Oct. 27) left a 13-year-old

girl clinging to life.Authorities

believe DJ Webstar and Young B may have witnessed the shooting of Mozena Jones,

an honor student who was shot after the Halloween party at the Lehman Village

Houses. More

than 100 teens were present at the function, where the group allegedly performed

the hit single "Chicken Noodle Soup." After the party, which ended around

11:45 pm, numerous teens congregated near E. 106th street.Jones

stayed behind to help organizers of the party clean up, but as she was leaving

shortly after midnight, a gunman drove by in a vehicle and shot into the crowd.The

13-year-old was struck in the torso. The shot damaged several of Jones' vital

organs, including her lungs, liver, spleen and colon. She

was rushed to Harlem Hospital where surgeons operated on her several times in

an attempt to save her life. DJ

Webstar and Young B's manager Kirk Burrowes denied DJ Webstar, born Troy Ryan

and Young B, born Bianca Dupree even attended the party. "Right

now, we're looking for anyone who has information about the shooting," a

police source told the New York Daily News. "There were a lot of people

out there."