Police Seek To Question Ja Rule, Bodyguards In December 27th Shooting

Two bodyguards for

Ja Rule are suspected of killing one man and wounding another at a post-Christmas

party on December 27th.

According to the New York

Post, security camera tape seized by the NYPD shows Ja Rule and his entourage

coming out of the nightclub and allegedly opened fire.

William “Willie Bang

Bang” Clark, 39, was fatally wounded and Troy Moore, 37, was wounded.

Moore is the older brother

of Tyran “Ta-Ta” Moore. Moore is linked to the federal murder, money

laundering and drug dealing probe by federal investigators.

Tyran Moore has a child

with Sandra “Pepa” Denton of Salt-N-Pepa fame.

The Post reports that authorities

are seeking to question the bodyguards, Ja Rule, his chauffeur and a woman who

was with him when the shooting occurred.

Sources stated that Clark

and Moore had robbed one of Foxy Brown’s brothers, but the incident was

never reported to police.

The two men were noticed

as soon as they entered the LQ’s VIP area of the club.

"Can you believe the

balls of these guys coming here?" one bodyguard allegedly said to another.

Ja Rule denied any involvement

in the shooting.

Tyran Moore is facing federal

prison time, after he was arrested on an illegal gun charge last year.

Moore’s name first

surfaced in the national rap scene when rapper 50 Cent named as one of three

potential gunmen who shot him 9 times in X of 2002.

"50, who shot ya?/think

it was Preme, Freeze or Tah, Tah?"

Moore was also

looked into regarding the murder of Jam Master Jay, because of his height and