Police Seek To Question Rapper Mac Minister In Las Vegas Double Homicide

Police are seeking

to question Andre “Mac Minister” Dow and two other people in connection

with the murder of Anthony “Fat Tone” Watkins, a rapper who along

with an associate, was found dead in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Watkins, 24 and Jermaine Akins, 22, were found shot to death

on Monday (May 23) near an upscale housing development being constructed in

Las Vegas.

A security guard spotted a car with its headlights on in a secluded

area. One body was discovered in the vehicle, while another was found nearby.

Dow, aka Mac Minister has recorded with rappers such as Mac

Dre, E-40, Yukmouth and other Bay Area rappers.

In 2000, Dow grabbed headlines when he was involved in an altercation

with rapper E-40 during The Source Awards.

Police are exploring several theories, including robbery as

a possible motive, as Watkins and Akins had allegedly won large amounts of money

after gambling at a casino.

Investigators in the murder of Bay area rapper Andre “Mac

Dre” Hicks believed Watkins had pertinent information about the murder

of Hicks, who was gunned down in November of 2004.

Watkins was never officially named a suspect.

In 2003, Watkins was shot multiple times while riding in an

SUV with rappers C-BO and other rappers, who were also wounded in the shooting.

“We was in a clean ass Excursion, sitting on 24’s

and sh*t,” C-BO told AllHipHop.com in October of 2004. “They shot

every window out of that muthaf*cka. They sprayed the fully [automatic weapon]

and sh*t, you know what I mean.”

Watkins sustained the most serious injuries in the shooting,

while C-BO and the other occupants were wounded by flying glass.

“Fat Tone [Watkins] got hit in the back, right below his

neck,” C-BO said. “He got hit in the ribs, and one of his lungs


In October of 2004, gunmen allegedly shot at Watkins while he

was leaving a Kansas City nightclub.

Hicks [Mac Dre] was gunned down shortly afterwards in November of 2004.

Hicks was traveling in a white van in the early morning of November 1, when

gunmen pulled along side and sprayed the passenger side with gunfire.

The driver of the vehicle swerved and crashed and Hicks was

pronounced dead at the scene.

While the trio are not suspects, police believe

Dow, 34, Tanisha Aaron, 27; and Jason Mathis, 24, may have information on Watkins

and Akins murders.