Police Seek Women Who Robbed Florida Rappers

AllHipHop Staff

Nashville, Tennessee police are seeking the public’s help to identify two women who robbed a group of Florida rappers of thousands of dollars in jewelry in June.

Rappers Rick Ross, Gucci Mane and The Swagga Boyz performed at the Municipal Auditorium on June 6.

The rappers from Florida met three or four women in their hotel lobby as they mingled with other guests.

Nashville police say the four women left the hotel but returned later and managed to gain access to a hotel room, on Sunday (June 7) around 1:45 am.

The women stole $60,000 worth of jewelry and a laptop computer from the hotel room before fleeing the scene.

The female bandits' heist was caught on tape and Nashville police are confident they will crack the case.

"It shows a lot of good facial features as well as clothing within the hotel, so they're very identifiable, I believe, to the individual that would know them," James Vivrette of Metro PD told News Channel 5.