Police Seize Cocaine And Guns On Lil Wayne's Private Jet

AllHipHop Staff

The Feds busted Lil Wayne on a private jet today after finding cocaine and guns

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Lil Wayne is heading into the Christmas season with some legal problems.

According to the Miami Herald, the rapper's Gulfstream G-V private jet was searched when he landed in Miami earlier today (December 23rd).

The police received a tip that someone in Wayne's entourage was transporting drugs and guns.

When Lil Wayne's jet landed at the Miami Opa-Locka Executive Airport, police found cocaine, opioids, and guns.

Lil Wayne has not been charged with a crime since he was just a passenger on the jet.

But the rapper is not in the clear just yet. 

According to reports, police found a gold-plated .45 caliber gun and some drugs in his bag. 

The Feds have been zeroing in on rappers and their private jets over the past year.

Earlier this month rap star Juice Wrld died as police raided his private jet at Midway Airport in Chicago, where they uncovered 70 lb of marijuana.

In April, rap star Ralo was busted by the feds for smuggling millions of dollars worth of marijuana from California to Atlanta on his private jet.

This scenario is also familiar to Lil Wayne.

In 2010, Wayne was sentenced to a year on Rikers Island in New York, after police found a 40 caliber handgun on his tour bus in New York in July of 2007. 

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Once Again For Those Who Think I'm Playing The Race Card: @Cuzdey, @Quitcryin

"Nationally the American Civil Liberties Union has found that Blacks are almost four times as likely than Whites to be arrested for marijuana possession - despite nearly equal usage rates - according to data from 2001-2010.

In Charlotte, NC. between 2014-2016 CMPD had arrested 762 African Americans for having less than a half-ounce of marijuana. In that same time span, just 64 Whites were arrested... #FACTS....


When Will Ya'll learn that EVERYTHING You saying is being listened to on your Private Plane by the FEDS especially if you black. It ain't got a damn thang to do with the pilot. The Feds wouldn't have known you had anything if you hadn't said it.


Dang if they found whatever then it is what it is. Yet how come we only hear about Black entertainers getting their planes and tour buses pulled over... For decades Rock Bands have been notorious for all of their drug usage, and groupie ways; why is this only happening to Black acts??

For decades we have been profiled for walking while Black in certain areas; driving while Black; now we are being profiled for flying while Black...

For you naysayers and other Coons: No I'm not trying to play the race-card I' just asking factual questions. When was the last time a White artist was stopped, tour bus pulled over, plane searched upon landing?? Now we all know all types of people get high not just Black & Brown... There is an pill-popping epidemic in our nation and it knows no colors nor socio-economic barriers...