Police Want To Question Desiigner For Exposing Himself

The cops in New York are looking for Desiigner after he exposed himself during an argument.

(AllHipHop News) Police in New York want to question rapper Desiigner after he was caught on camera exposing himself during an argument.

The rapper was embroiled in some sort of traffic dispute with an unidentified man.

Desiigner became so mad during the argument, that he pulled down his pants and exposed himself while telling the man to "suck his d##k" while labeling the man a "fa##ot."

A traffic cop came up, to help cool down the situation, but Desiigner dropped his pants again - in front of the police officer.

Desiigner hopped in his SUV but became enraged once more, and exited his vehicle to attack the unidentified man, but the "Panda" rap star was quickly subdued by his entourage.

Now, police are looking to talk to the rapper about the incident, which was caught on camera.

why type of nigga exsposes himself to another dude bu then calls the OTHER dude the F word? lmao these niggaz are weirdos.


I figured something was off.....he's closet sweet

This fruit is on drugs 24/7. What does it take in the US to get committed to a mental institution?