Pop Smoke's Family Working With Cops To Find Rapper's Murderers

Kershaw St. Jawnson

Friends and family are baffled as to why "Welcome to The Party" rapper was killed in Los Angeles, and not the East Coast.

(AllHipHop News) As expected, members of Pop Smoke’s family are up in arms over his murder. They are working feverishly with law enforcement to get answers and will not stop until his murder is solved.

According to TMZ, immediately after getting word about the shooting his family rushed to the airport to catch a swift flight to Los Angeles to be by his side.

The rapper’s loved ones are in a state disbelief over the rap star's murder, which happened in a rented home in the Hollywood Hills early Monday morning (February 19th).

and are struggling to understand why something like this would happen. In their minds, it would have made more sense if this happened on the East Coast since he spent so much time there.

TMZ was the first one to break the story about his death, even before the rapper's mother knew that he had transitioned. This offense was similar to what the website did during the Kobe Bryant death, releasing information before the immediate family was notified.

Color for Change has taken the lead in challenging advertisers to cease from working with TMZ until they can change their policy on reporting the deaths of Black celebrities.