Popular Radio Host Brandi Garcia Fired For Playing Rapper Trae In Houston

(AllHipHop News) Popular Hip-Hop personality DJ Brandi Garcia is the latest casualty in a local Houston radio station’s war against Trae Tha Truth. In July of 2008, Trae was honored with his own “day” by Mayor Bill White and City Council Member Pete Brown, for his work with at-risk children in the community. Last year’s event was marred by violence, when a group of thugs open fired on a crowd of people leaving the campus of Texas Southern University on July 22 2009, striking and wounding six people. Trae's music was allegedly banned from the station after an on-air argument with radio personality DJ Nnete Inyangumia of the Madd Hatta Morning Show, over who was responsible for the shooting. One man was arrested for the incident, which police attributed to gang violence. In May, Trae announced he was suing KBXX and Radio One, claiming the station and representatives for the company are interfering with his career by banning his music and blackballing anyone associated with the rapper. Trae maintains the station is attempting to ruin him, by keeping his music off of the airwaves in Houston and Dallas, in addition to firing anyone who plays his music, anywhere. Earlier this month, KBXX 97.9 axed Garcia after five years with the station, because she played one of Trae the Truth’s songs during a concert at the Arena Theater. “I have been missing in action for a week,” DJ Brandi Garcia said. “It’s been an incredibly difficult time…I was hired by a private promoter to DJ the 50 Cent event, it was not a Box event There were no station logos on the flyers, it was something I was doing in my spare time as a DJ.”According to Garcia, the problem came when she played a remix of Waka Flocka’s hit anthem “O Let’s Do It” with a verse featuring Trae Tha Truth. “I went in the office the next day and they told me I was fired for playing that song,” Garcia revealed. “It may be legal, but it’s unethical. It’s a shame this has gotten this far, that a personal problem can effect somebody’s career that they have worked so hard for for 14 years. But don’t think for one minute I am out of the game.” According to DJ Brandi Garcia, she is planning a new local television show titled The Spotlight with Brandi Garcia, that is slated to debut this summer, in addition to staying busy with her DJ’ing career through her affiliation with the Swisha House DJ's. A number of influential members of the Houston Hip-Hop community have rallied against the ban, an abuse of power which they fear could eventually impact any artist.Houston rap legend J. Prince said KBXX 97.9 was attempting to “sabotage” Trae’s career over the personal vendetta. “I had been excited about being involved with the next Trae album, but with this ban taking place, not only in his home town, but likely also in the second best place for airplay, which is Dallas, it would be impossible to promote the album,” J. Prince reasoned. “This ban is sabotaging his career, because those cities are the foundation for breaking his records.”Meanwhile, Trae Tha Truth continues on with his annual Trae Day celebration this July 22nd at the International Ballroom.Rappers like Lupe Fiasco, Sean Garrett, Waka Flocka, DJ Khaled and others will attend the free, all ages event, which is meant to encourage peace and unity in Houston.