Popular Underground Rapper Busted Using Real Guns On Video Shoot


China Mac just got out of jail and now he may have some serious legal issues.

(AllHipHop News) China Mac, a popular underground rapper, was charged with crimes after he was among roughly 60 people arrested with real and fake guns in New York City.

The bust happened on a building on the Lower East Side resulting in the arrest of China Mac and his crew. They were charged with trespassing after somebody climbed on a public restroom to film a music video for the rapper, real name Raymond Yu.

Police interrupted the shoot about 6:15 pm Saturday, causing some of the people to flee the authorities from the Baruch Houses in Manhattan, one report.

Police found two imitation rifles and one real gun on the scene.
China Mac served 10 years in jail for shooting a rival in the streets. He continues to have a great buzz and high expectation in the streets of New York.

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Love this guy. It didn't say they caught him with the shit..."He was among roughly 60 people arrested with real and fake guns in New York City".. Hope they don't fuck him over for that shit.


A 'Genius' he's NOT! On Parole of Weapons Charges & bringin' REAL GUNS to a 'Video Shoot'....?! Nicca PLEAZE - u neva heard of Props?@#!? #BackToPrisonDontDropThaSoap


This dude did 10 for shooting one of Jin's peoples... I hope parole doesn't have him on some "no firearm" ish and this be the end of his freedom for a few?