Possible Sniper Suspects Caught, Hip-Hop Reacts

Two men have been arrested in connection with

the D.C. area sniper shootings that claimed the lives of 10 people and wounded

three. John Muhammad, 42 and John Malvo, 17, will be charged with 6 counts of


"They better hope that these dudes aren't

terrorists," rapper Skillz told AllHipHop.com. "If they are, all this

sniper sh*t is just a diversion for something way bigger." The rapper lives

in Richmond VA, close to the last murder.

The two main suspects who allegedly went on a

killing spree starting October 2, are supposedly sympathetic to the 9-11 hijackers

and authorities said that Muhammad was a Gulf War veteran who earned an expert

marksmanship badge.

"If its true, it will put us (blacks) as

a people right back to the way it was before 9/11," producer and longtime

DJ for EPMD's Scratch added.

A Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle, a scope, a tripod

and a "sniper platform" were recovered from the suspects' 1990 Chevrolet

Caprice according to reports. The Caprice even had a hole in the trunk area

so the alleged snipers could fold down their back seats, lay down in the trunk

and take aim at their victims discreetly.

Prominent African-American businessman, Ken

Bridges was among the snipers 10 casualties. As the cofounder of MATAH,

Bridges stressed economic freedom and self empowerment for African-Americans.

"We should not forget that people died

and there are families and communities seriously grieving," Davey D said.

"Kenneth Bridges cofounded one of the country's few Black distribution

companies. People I know who knew him, talk fondly as to what an inspirational

cat he was and how he really tried to make a difference. One can only imagine

what his family is going through."

Though most overlooked it, the sniper attacks

did effect the hip-hop community. LL Cool J, who is touring to promote his tenth

album, 10, admitted he was leery of performing at the "For The Sisters

Only Expo" inside of the Washington, DC Convention Center.

"Was I concerned? Yes. Was I uncomfortable?

Yes. Did I decide to come to DC anyway? Yes," Cool J recently told People

Magazine. "I'm proud to be American and I don't think living your life

in fear is healthy."

Security was beefed up at BET's Walk of Fame

party, which took place at the company's North East Washington DC headquarters.

The event honored Stevie Wonder and was attended by such notables as Ja Rule,

Gerald Levert, Musiq and many others. Even Busta Rhymes rescheduled business

during the string of attacks to avoid the sniper's scope.

Still, some remained skeptical that the real

sniper has been apprehended. Jay-Z's young gun, Geda-K said "It's a false

alarm again and we'll all know when someone else get killed."