Post Malone Apologizes For Armed Humvee Video Filmed In Vegas

It's been a rough week in public relations for the Texas native.

(AllHipHop News) Post Malone hopped on Twitter to apologize for footage of him riding through Las Vegas on a Humvee. The vehicle was mounted with a firearm, and some social media users found the action insensitive following the 2017 mass shooting in the city.

"honestly, never meant to offend anybody. i apologize if i did. had no bad intentions. got offered a ride in the humvee and took it," tweeted Post.

Yesterday, the 22-year-old Southerner was also once again caught up in a conversation about Hip Hop, cultural appropriation, and race. He was quoted telling GQ, "I definitely feel like there’s a struggle being a white rapper. But I don’t want to be a rapper."

Don't wanna be a rapper? I've got an idea...........STOP RAPPING!!! Well you don't really "rap" anyway, do that sing-song bs on country and rock tracks. Wait, you couldn't put that trash on country tracks because you would've been one of 50 trillion white country singers. So you, like Kid Rock, used rap to get popular then said fucc Hip Hop huh. I'm so sick of lames using Hip Hop like its a whore. Gold teeth and using Trap tracks, but he doesn't wanna be a rapper? SMDH

Please...we gotta get this dude outta here. Like, just go back to country.

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